Shawnee Town Museum

Our site, located at 1116 SE Madison St. Topeka, Kansas, is comprised of two homes. The brick and stone home was built by John and Mary Jane Ritchie, abolitionists who came to Kansas Territory from Indiana in 1855 to support Kansas becoming a Free State. The home was completed by Mr. Ritchie in 1856 and became a station on the Underground Railroad. TheRitchie's were UGRR station masters and John was a conductor on the UGRR. John was also heavily involved in Free State politics.

The wood frame home was completed in 1887 by Hale Ritchie, the son of John and Mary Jane. Hale accompanied them to Kansas Territory in 1855 as a 4 year old child. He built the home on the Ritchie property after he grew to adulthood and married.

Both homes have been restored to their original appearance at completion in 1856 and 1887. Tours are conducted in the John Ritchie home. The Hale Ritchie home serves as a visitor and education center with a display in the parlor depicting Topeka history through the eyes of three children that emigrated to Kansas with their families.

Public tours are conducted Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 3pm. The site is open to pre-arranged group tours Monday through Saturday. We ask that group tours be arranged at least two weeks in advance of the requested date.

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