The Museum of Ceramics

Visit the Museum of Ceramics: two floors & thousands of East Liverpool area pottery items 1840s to present. Dioramas, life-size mannequins, 15 minute video, paintings too. We celebrate this area's status as the nation's Pottery Capital. Guided tour? 1-800-600-7180. World’s largest public display of award-winning Victorian porcelain Lotus Ware. Childrens' Scavenger Hunt available daily. Gift Shop: shard jewelry & more. Fiesta® Ware, Hall China Pottery outlets nearby. Join visitors from 47 nations & 48 states in recent years.

Adults $4, students $2. ADA compliant soon. www.TheMuseumOfCeramics.org, 400 E Fifth St, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920, 90 minutes recommended. Tuesdays through Saturdays: 9:30-3:30. Occasionally closed due to heat, cold, or construction, so do check www.facebook.com/TheMuseumOfCeramics or our website for the most up to date information.

Discounted Admission