Mount Prospect Historical Society

Business Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00am – 3:30pm (closed Mondays and Fridays)
Tour Hours: Please call the museum to make an appointment
Disabled-Accessible Education Center – by appointment

In 1967 four people gathered around a kitchen table and formed the Mount Prospect Historical Society. They believed the community needed an organization to document the history of Mount Prospect. From these humble beginnings, the organization has grown into the full museum, archive, education center, and professional staff that the community knows today. It operates fifty-two weeks a year and offers a rich and varied schedule of activities and events for members and the community.

The first home of the Historical Society was found in 1968 when the Village of Mount Prospect gave them a small space in the Municipal Building that stood at 112 E. Northwest Highway. From this location the Historical Society developed a small office and began its collection of artifacts. In 1976, with the excitement of the national bicentennial and a growing interest in local history, the Historical Society moved to its first full museum. This was housed in the 1901 Saint John Lutheran Schoolhouse, at 1100 Linneman Road. This site was an important part of the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s operations; however the Society never owned the site and began to look for a more permanent location. This was found at a site downtown in 1987 and, over the course of the next 13 years, the Society completely shifted its operations to this location.
In 1992, after five years of restoration, the Society opened its downtown museum, the Dietrich Friedrichs House at 101 South Maple Street. Built in 1906, the frame house of Lena and Dietrich Friedrichs is typical of many of the Midwestern farmhouses of the early 20th century. Situated in one of Mount Prospect’s oldest neighborhoods, this building was the thirteenth house to be built in town. The site has now been restored and refurbished to reflect life in the early twentieth century. Its beautifully restored garden also replicates vegetation of the era.

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