Lincoln Heritage Museum

The Lincoln Heritage Museum, a non-for-profit museum owned and operated by Lincoln College, interprets for the public the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln and the world in which he lived. The largest single daily tourist attraction in Logan County, the Museum has served as a dynamic part of the community from its origin in 1942 to its recent relocation to its new facility in April 2014. Since then, the Museum has become one of the country’s most respected Lincoln-related museums. Rarities of the collection to be viewed on the first floor include Civil War weapons, a table from New Salem at which Lincoln studied, one of Lincoln’s favorite rocking chairs, a lock of Lincoln’s hair, several of Lincoln’s own books, and a locally-made 1860 Lincoln presidential campaign banner. Several pieces belonging to Lincoln’s family can be found including Mary Lincoln’s jewelry and Tad Lincoln’s rocker. In the aggregate, the Lincoln Heritage Museum stores and displays over 20,000 pieces. On the second floor, the visitor will be brought into an interactive and immersive environment that follows a “life review” concept which puts the visitor in the place of Abraham Lincoln and using audio/visual, allows the ability to “experience" what Abraham Lincoln himself may have seen and heard throughout his life, and hearing what others said about him. It will allow the visitor to walk in Lincoln’s shoes. Ranked as one of the “30 Most Amazing University Museums in the World” by bestcollegesonline.com in 2013, the Lincoln Heritage Museum offers a truly unique and memorable experience for those interested in the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
Sat 1pm-4pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

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