Clay County Museum and Historical Society

History is the lens through which we understand our past, define the present, and develop the future; it is a constant awareness of this undeniable fact that motivates us to fulfill our duty of sharing local history with our community at the Clay County Historical Society Museum. Located in Liberty, Missouri, our museum operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the past through the dedication of volunteers. Of our body of volunteers, each is entrusted with the same mission: to enhance awareness of Clay County’s past through preservation and presentation of our community’s history. Founded in 1822, Clay County presents a diverse array of historical themes; our museum includes local Native American tools, and artifacts from the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II. We further present the history of local transportation systems and have preserved the story of our current building as a pharmacy and doctors’ office, displaying medical tools and pharmaceuticals before the public. To further share local industries with the public, we have recently renovated our lower level to showcase cottage industries. But displaying an artifact is near meaningless if its story remains untold. Recognizing this, we not only share the stories of each artifact and time period through comprehensive and interactive exhibits; as a museum, we maintain a strong relationship with the public through educational programs. Most notably, the third Thursday of every month, a program is held at the museum in which a speaker can share a story (whether it be pertaining to a local historical figure, careers in the historical field, or local preservation work). To extend beyond programs, we work closely with history classes in our local public schools system to aid students in the development of historical inquiry through an analysis of local figures, landmarks, and events. We recognize the constant presence of potential for growth and innovation, and have been contributing to museum through several new additions to exhibits, a complete renovation of our lower level, and extension of programs. But progress is never complete—a fact we not only accept, but embrace with excitement. With every passing day, as history continues to be written, we continue to look for opportunities for growth to more completely fulfill our mission. After all, enhancing awareness of the past is advancing preparedness for the future.

Free Admission